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You Worked. Get Paid.

The right to be paid for your hard work is protected by state and federal law. 

The federal law is known as the Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA. The FLSA regulates wages and overtime pay and other employment related issues. Although some employees are exempt from the protections provided under the FLSA, chances are that if you are paid hourly or by the day you are probably covered. Keechl Law represents employees and can advise you if you think you are not being paid for all the work you do. 

There are a number of possible claims that may arise including, but not limited to:

  • Unpaid wages.

  • Unpaid overtime.

  • Vacation pay violations.

  • Minimum wage violations.

  •  Wage theft.

  •  Misclassification of employees (exempt v. non-exempt and classified as an independent contractor)

If you believe your employer is not paying what is due to you then please contact Keechl Law.  Generally, the law provides for the recovery of lost wages for up to two years from the filing of a claim and may allow for the recovery of an additional year if the court finds that the employer acted intentionally.  It is also illegal for an employer to fire you for making a claim.  This is known as retaliation and would be another separate claim. 

If this applies to you, let's talk about taking a stand. Contact us below.


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