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If it's #METOO, it's #USTOO.

Sexual harassment in the workplace should not be tolerated.  It is a violation of state and federal law. 

Not only is your financial well being at stake, but so is your physical and emotion health.  Keechl Law can advise you on the appropriate steps to take to report the offensive conduct to your supervisor or human resources department.  If the conduct is not stopped or worse yet you are terminated for reporting it, then Keechl Law will be ready to assist you in making the appropriate claims. 

Sexual harassment in the work place may take place in various ways including, but not limited to:

            -Hostile work environment.  This is where you or a coworker is subjected to sexually explicit jokes, objects or photographs, suggestive or derogatory comments about appearance, unwanted touching or physical assault.

            -Quid Pro Quo. This is a situation in which a superior offers a raise, promotion or other benefit to an employee in exchange for sexual favors.

            -Retaliation.  If the employee refuses an inappropriate advance or request and/or reports the offensive conduct she/he is then threatened with bad performance reviews, pay cuts, demotions or risk of bei9ng fired.

If you are being subjected to any of the above described harassment, please know you do not have to take it.  Keechl Law will fight for you. In addition to seeking compensatory damages for lost pay and benefits, you may also be entitled to damages resulting from emotional pain and suffering.  In extreme cases, the Court may also award punitive damages in order to punish the offensive conduct and/or to deter such conduct in the future. 


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