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When it's time to move on.

Divorce actions for LGBTQ couples without children.

In 2004, Massachusetts became the first state to in the country to allow same-sex marriage.  It was a long struggle, but in 2015 Justice Anthony M. Kennedy announced the decision of the Supreme Court that the United States Constitution guarantees the right to same sex marriage throughout the country.  Although this historic and celebrated ruling established marriage equality for LGBTQ couples, it does not end the continuing evolution of marital and family law as it pertains to our community.  Many challenges for equal treatment under the law remain, particularly in the areas of durational, rehabilitative and permanent alimony.

At Keechl Law, we are committed to helping our clients reach the fairest division of their finances and property, particularly if you were in a long-term domestic partnership and only recently married.  We will undertake a comprehensive review of your entire relationship and provide you with personalized guidance throughout the divorce process and advice on the many important decisions that you will need to make along the way.

The divorce process includes both uncontested and contested actions. For uncontested matters we may utilize negotiated settlements or mediation to reach a resolution.  For those matters that cannot be amicably resolved, we provide representation through all phase of litigation, including trial.


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