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There are protections.

There is help.

Although LGBTQ individuals in Florida still lack important employment protections, we are protected against discrimination based on a disease that is, unfortunately, strongly associated with the LGBTQ community: HIV.

Florida statute 760.50 prohibits employment discrimination based on HIV status or perceived HIV status. That includes the progression of HIV into a diagnosis of AIDS.

If you have lost a job or suffered other adverse actions in the workplace because you have HIV/AIDS or because your employer believes or suspects you have HIV/AIDS, our firm can help you seek justice and compensation.

Do You Have A Claim?

Workplace discrimination of any kind can be difficult to prove. But if you suffered an adverse employment action (termination, demotion, refusal to hire, etc.) and suspect it was HIV discrimination, pay attention to the actions and conversations that preceded it. Evidence could include:

  • Your employer asks probing questions about your health.

  • You are required to take an HIV test as a condition of employment, promotion, etc.

  • Your employer learns that you are gay and fires or demotes you shortly thereafter.

  • Your employer suddenly segregates you from other workers

  • You have company-sponsored health insurance and your boss fires or demotes you after reading confidential health information in your files.


Sadly, sexual orientation discrimination is legal in Florida, so you could be fired for being gay. But if you were fired because you are gay and there’s a chance that your employer assumed that you are HIV positive, it may be worth pursuing a legal claim against the company.

You may be unsure whether your suspicions are strong enough to justify contacting a lawyer. But with Keechl Law, the choice is easy. We offer free initial consultations, and we take all HIV discrimination cases on contingency. That means we don’t get paid unless we help you recover damages.


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