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Keechl Law Practice Area

Business Done Right.

When your business needs to protect its rights, we're the right choice.

Over the course of his thirty years of practicing law, Keechl Law has represented numerous business, both large and small, as well as individuals before the state, federal and appellate courts of Florida.

If you or your business has been sued or if you find yourself in the difficult position of weighing the risks and benefits of taking legal action to enforce your rights we will analyze the facts and legal issues of your case and develop a personalized strategy designed to reach a cost effective and efficient resolution.  As a certified mediator, Mr. Keechl also has a depth of experience to draw upon in alternative dispute resolution when evaluating you case, including mediation and arbitration.

Although litigation can arise from many different types of personal and business disputes, Keechl Law has successfully represented clients in the following areas:

  • Mortgages foreclosures, prosecution and defense.

  • Promissory notes and guarantees.

  • Landlord and tenant.

  • Contract disputes of all types.

  • Business torts.

  • Defamation.

  • Real property and construction.

  • Non-competition agreements.

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